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    Our mission is to produce and sell quality plants, which will
    provide joy to the purchasers and help to make the world more beautiful, and as this is accomplished, the gardens will also continue the legacy which began when Anglin and Hilda purchased the property in 1964.

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    We offer a beautiful place to wander through the gardens, watch the birds, squirrels, fish, and fountains as well as buy premium plants and supplies. and other gardening essentials.

Our History

The concept of Legacy Acres Gardens began many years ago. In 1964, Anglin and Hilda purchased five acres of land, which grew pine trees and scrub oaks, but had not been developed.  Anglin, with a farming background, immediately began clearing and planting.  Though she knew very little about growing things, Hilda became quite skilled in picking up roots and sprigging grass.  She also learned very quickly to gather and prepare vegetables for the freezer.  In fact, the “garden” Anglin grew was large enough to not only fill the family freezer, but those of several friends, with some left over to sell to local restaurants.  As years went by, adjoining land was purchased until it grew to 40 acres, with the idea of someday  making it productive.  Meanwhile, a favorite vacation spot for Anglin and Hilda was Callaway Gardens.  As they went through the gardens, they always discussed new ideas for the home property and went home to begin making changes.  Today the original five acres consists of pines, oak trees (from Anglin’s mother’s yard) flowers from both mothers’ yards, and many trees, flowers, and shrubs which have been collected through the years, always with small scale building on the concept of Callaway Gardens.  In May, 2019, Robert decided it was time to put the dream into motion, and  thus began the actual planning for Legacy Acres Gardens.  The nursery is situated on the original five acres, and the name was chosen by Robert to honor the long history of the property.

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